We are constantly creating events to reach out to more creative kids. Our goal is to train 500,000 African kids at no cost in the space of 10 years. you can be a part of this exciting and life changing journey with us!
We are building a network of people all over Africa who will represent and work with us to make every training event a success. You too can be our Ambassador. Let's build the future together!
You can now join our community of other creative kids ready to create awesomeness. Just fill in your contact details and we will make sure you get all the necessary information you need via email.
Building Creative Kids Through Tech.
Oluwadamilola Soyombo launched The Creative Kids Zone in May, 2019, to train kids in tech skills. Her mission is simple:
  • To make kids enthusiastic about learning technology.
  • To introduce kids to the world of information technology.
  • To educate kids with the skills they need for the jobs of the future.
  • To create young ambassadors for technology (STEM).
The training events are 100% free.
Our Core Topics
Kids learn about the world of technology, coding, design and a lot more. Working in teams to build and present their own innovations.
Upcoming Events
The Creative Kids zone

Introduction to video editing

  • 11:00 AM
  • To be sent to participants
Children's Day Introduction to video editing for Kids and Teens

From Kids to Techpreneurs workshop

  • 11:00 AM
  • Online(Telegram)
From Kids to Techpreneurs workshop

STEM Community outreach

  • 11:00 AM
  • Sabogonji Island
STEM Community outreach
Kids Trained
Communities Impacted
Become A Volunteer
We are building a network of people all over Africa who will represent and work with us to make every training event a success. You too can be one of our Ambassadors!
How Can You Help?
Because our events are totally free, we partner with individuals/organisations to make every event possible.
After the training what next?
You might want to know what plans we have for the kids after the free training
we've got something for them
  • STEM Clubs for Schools
  • Exhibition Event
STEM Clubs for Schools

An STEM club is created for kids in schools to learn more about the basics of information technology. Kids interested in learning more depths of information technology can register for the STEM club to be tutored on web development, game development, design, blogging, robotics, AI and mobile app development.

STEM club for Schools
TCKZone Exhibition Event

AAt the end of a TCKZone year, we would be organising an exhibition event where TCKZone Kids would be opportuned to come showcase the different products they have built withing the course of the year. There would be different prices to be won, including laptops, internships at top companies and scholarships.